What version of RethinkDB supports?

Thinky currently requires RethinkDB >=1.12 to work. A 1.x version relies on rethinkdbdash 1.x and RethinkDB 1.x.

Thinky uses merge with an anonymous function under the hood to perform joins and this feature was shipped only in 1.12. https://github.com/rethinkdb/rethinkdb/issues/1345.

How do I migrate from v0.2?

There is no easy way to migrate. The whole API changed. The changes include:

  • lazy execution of a query
  • different relations (the previous hasOne is now belongsTo - to follow Active Record models)
  • null can be accepted if the option enforce_type is set to "loose"

I sincerely apologize for breaking the API, but given the feedback I got, these changes were necessary.


No SLA, but a few developers may be able to help there:

What is the difference with Reheat?

That is actually a tough question. I personally haven’t really use Reheat, but the main difference is probably about the syntax. Reheat’s syntax is closer to MongoDB’s one.

A few more differences:

  • All the connections are automatically managed in thinky.
  • More relations are available in thinky.

If you have used both ORMs, I would love to hear from your experience.

Some joined documents are not saved/deleted, why?

To avoid infinite recursion with circular references (that appear as soon as you have a reciprocal relationship), saveAll will not recurse in a field containing document(s) of a previously saved model.

The same goes for delete.

How can I enforce uniqueness in a field?

If you must be sure that a field is unique, you must use it as the primary key.

For example, suppose you want the name to be unique.

var Model = thinky.createModel("user", {
    name: type.string()
}, {
    pk: "name"

Note: If you use a field as a primary key, you will not be able to update the field. You will have to delete and re-insert the document.

RethinkDB does not provide unique secondary indexes (like any distributed databases), mostly because as soon as you shard your table, uniqueness cannot be enforced without a huge cost in performance – See this discussion for more details.

What is thinky’s license

MIT license.

How can I contact you?